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How Covid-19 is Changing to Way We Operate

This year has been a crazy one to say the least. The world is going through a pandemic, and for the majority of us, this is the first one we have ever experienced. The world is changing and adapting throughout this Pandemic, it seems that every week now there is a new change. There is no way to predict what is going to happen next and for that reason everyone has to remain flexible.

Like most businesses, IWill Enterprise had to close their doors back in early March. It was a hard decision but one we had to make for the safety of our employees. We are now pleased to announce that we are officially back up and running, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces once again. Though we are open once again, it will not be business as usual. We have taken the necessary steps to make sure that everyone in our office is safe and healthy. 

Here are just a couple of things we have implemented:

Hand Sanitizer at Every Desk and Workstation

We have taken the steps to make sure everyone has access to the proper disinfectants, and that it is within reach. We will also be providing masks.

Limited Amount of People in the Office

We are having no more than 10 people in the office at any given time for our meetings. On top of that we are making sure everyone remains at a safe social distance of 6 feet whenever interacting with one another.

Zoom Trainings and Meetings

We have transitioned many of our training classes so that they can be held over zoom. Team meetings will also be held over zoom whenever possible.

The world may be continuously changing, but we are keeping up with it. We will continue to make active changes in our office so that everyone can remain safe and healthy. To stay updated on how IWill Enterprise is handling the Covid-19 pandemic visit our website at, and follow us on Instagram @iwillenterpriseinc.


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