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Meet the Team: Rebecca Young

iWill Enterprise Inc is known for representing clients in home entertainment, mobility, smart home and electronics. iWill Enterprises clients have expressed their excitement for the young firm's success despite the pandemic. They have continued to go above and beyond for their clients and have done so because of the amazing team of employees they have at their disposal. iWill Enterprise wanted to recognize one of their new employees, Rebecca Young, for all the hard work she's done in such a very short time. She has shown a lot of promise and iWill Enterprise is happy to have her.

Rebecca is from Kentucky and a member of the management training program at iWill Enterprise inc. She is originally from Kentucky and was very active during her high school years. Rebecca was involved in clubs from yearbook and leadership to the Kentucky Youth Association and Kentucky United Nations Assembly. In College she was a nursing major and then switched exercise science when she realized she had more of a passion for helping people stay healthy rather than fixing them after they’re already sick. We had a chance to sit down with Rebecca to learn a little bit more about her and what is working for her in the organization.

When did you join iWill Enterprise? 

-I joined iWill Enterprise a month ago and I have loved every second.

What do you like to do for fun?

-For fun I like to go to the gym, cook, and go on adventures with friends.

What are your goals for the next 90 days?

-Within the next 90 days my goal is to invest more in myself mentally, physically, and financially. I want to set time aside to do more yoga, journal more and keep a clear and focused mind. Physically I want my gym schedule to be more consistent and my eating habits to be even better. Financially I want to set myself up for success and make sure I have all the tools I could need to excel in the company. 

Before working at iWill Enterprise what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

-Before iWill enterprise, I used my board accredited Behavioral change specialist certificate to help people with addictions from too much Netflix to severe drug habits to create healthier and more productive habits in there day to day life while also learning to accept and move past life traumas and accept themselves completely. It was entirely rewarding and amazing. 

How did you first learn about iWill Enterprise? 

-Quite honestly, I hadn't heard about iWill Enterprise until they reached out to me! I had applied on one of those general job sites, like linked in and I am beyond blessed that they found my resume! 

How do you balance your career at iWill Enterprise and family? 

-As far as balance, I see my family once a week and try to call my brothers who live out of state to catch up as often as possible. It's important to balance your life so you're not faced with burnout.

How has iWill Enterprise helped you in your career development? 

-iWill Enterprise has given me the opportunity to take hold of my own future! When you promote is a direct reflection of how hard you work and as someone who tends to do the most and get equal representation as my co-workers who do the bare minimum, it's REFRESHING! They for sure push you to be the best person you can be in and outside of work and it's inspiring!

What's your biggest challenge/ How do you handle it? 

-My biggest challenge is not focusing one thing and getting stuck on it. As a human being, I tend to set higher than possible standards for every aspect in my life and if I don't meet said goal, I tend to stay on it until I do. In learning to accept a great product and learn from it and create an amazing product the next time around rather than wasting time trying to figure everything out at once. Life's about learning, not about knowing! 

If you could pick one theme for iWill Enterprise to turn into a book or movie about the company, what would it be? 

-One theme I would pick from iWill Enterprise to make a movie out of is their consistent effort to encourage strong FEMALE CEOs! Even though it's 2021, the world has not the equality between male and female in the work place and iWill Enterprise definitely pushes to change that! It's inspiring for all women and even little girls looking up!

What advice do you have for prospective iWill Enterprise candidates? 

-My advice for perspective candidates would be to be treat everyone you meet like family, be yourself, be confident, and just jump into it! You may not be 100% ready, DO IT ANYWAY! The future awaits you!

What are 3 words to describe iWill Enterprise?

-3 words I would use to describe iWill Enterprise would be INSPIRING, DEDICATED, and COMPASSIONATE!

What do you find the most challenging at iWill Enterprise?

-The most challenging thing at iWill is putting in consistent, energetic, and positive effort daily. But with that you get gratification, success, and growth. 

What do you like most about iWill Enterprise? 

-What I like the most about iWill enterprise is team and the encouraging network that stretches from New York to California. And oh yeah, THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL! 

What have you gained from working at iWill Enterprise? 

-What I have gained from working at iWill Enterprise is the ability to live the life I dream of. It's a job that allows you to determine your income off of how hard you work and not many places will offer that and genuinely mean it. Phenomenal.

What is your proudest moment at iWill Enterprise?

-So far, my proudest moment is winning the Samsung contest within my first two weeks of working out on the floor. It showed me just how much I can do and how much further I can go! 


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