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Thomas Takes On New York

It has been a busy year for iWill Enterprise Inc.  From new clients to new promotions the marketing firm has had a lot on their plate. It would be an understatement to write about the uniqueness of 2020. Since March, the lives of most Americans have been turned upside down. iWill Enterprise has managed to turn things around for their company while excelling in their industry. They are doing so well that they were even able to help their sister company launch their programs in different states. Thomas Ray recently got back from New York and he shared all he took from it.

Thomas recently got the opportunity to help launch a new program with one of iWill Enterprises sister organizations. iWill Enterprise’s client campaign efforts spread nationwide resulting in a need for more help in markets outside of Louisville Kentucky, which is exciting for everyone within the company, especially those eager to see new territory. Travel opportunities such as these allow the marketing and promotions team to gain a better understanding of all parts of a campaign and what goes into keeping it running and successful. 

“Traveling to neighboring markets provides the opportunity to network with new people and get yourself out of the normal day to day routine and learn more about yourself. I took a lot from this trip but most importantly that I still have a lot to learn about myself along with needing to do some personal growth”
Thomas Ray, Corporate Trainer at iWill Enterprise inc

Trips like these can be an eye opener for a lot of employees, not everyone gets to see how different markets operate. They are able to take that information, come home and become better employees for their home market.  For Information on iWill Enterprise Inc, their travels, their team growth, or their philanthropic work visit their website at


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