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iWill Enterprise Inc Promotes New Corporate Trainer

iWill Enterprise Inc has started this fourth quarter off to a great start despite the circumstances. Their sales have increased and they partnered with two new clients! It is a very exciting time and everyone in the organization is pumped for what the rest of the year has in store. Even more exciting is that they were able to promote one of their very own to a corporate trainer. iWill Enterprise Inc prides themselves on giving all employees the opportunity to get a leadership role before seeking an outside source for the position. They are proud to announce that Thomas Ray has officially been promoted to a Corporate trainer in their organization.

Thomas recently got recognized for his hard work working as a client representative so there is no surprise that his efforts are beginning to pay off. He is one of the hardest workers in the office and a great example of where determination and effort can take you. Thomas shared a lot of what it took to get him here which included, keeping a positive attitude even when he had bad days, showing up every day, working hard, and a lot of networking. 

Thomas showed a lot of perseverance to get where he is. They weren’t always good weeks and shared how he overcame some of those bad ones.

“My most challenging week was when I didn't do a single sale. I was in my head really bad to be honest. At the end of the week I did some self-reflection and decided I'm not going to let a bad week get under my skin and take away this amazing opportunity.”
-Thomas Ray, Corporate Trainer

Not everyone wants to remain involved in the day-to-day operations of a business during a crisis like the one that is being presently experienced. So, it is admirable when someone is able to keep their spirits high even during the tough times. Thomas's main advice he would give to those who want to get promoted is to not give up, and to no matter what, stick with it. He went on to say you should figure out your “why” and let that motivate you daily.

Thomas is very excited to develop a team under him and share the knowledge that he has obtained. He shared that his goals for the end of the quarter is to be able to promote another corporate trainer under him. Thomas’s future is very bright!

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